Letter from Chairman & CEO

Responding to the global changes in economic, environmental and social developments, PLANET has made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) become one of the essentials to its sustainability. Being a leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions carrying its own brand, PLANET has put CSR into its business operations, entailing a corporate culture that highly values integrity, commitment and care for the environment. PLANET always maintains a good corporate governance to strengthen the foundation of the company’s sustainable development.

Upholding its longstanding integrity and with altruism as the core in the implementation of CSR, PLANET has made great strides in enhancing its business performance and brand image, and further strengthening its reliability with customers, suppliers and shareholders. Resulting from our continuous effort in practicing CSR, PLANET is honored to be recognized as one of the CSR models in Taiwan. In addition, it was ranked among the top of Corporate Governance Evaluation in 2015 and 2016, and it’s the first company ever to receive “Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Gender Equality” in 2015. Last but not least, it’s the only TPEx listed company in Taiwan to be once again awarded “Excellence in CSR” by CommonWealth Magazine in 2015 (the 9th year).

Being aware of the fact that the rapid climate change has spoiled our environment, PLANET has kept developing intelligent and energy-saving networking and communications products as well as keeping possible environmental damage to a minimum during the production. Apart from its daily business, PLANET has been dedicated to helping maintain the clean water resources in the greater Taipei by funding an organic tea plantation located in the upstream of the Feitsui Reservoir in Taipei for more than six years. In addition, in the aspect of social participation, PLANET helps to improve the quality of human resources in Taiwan by caring for the disadvantaged children through learning. Since 2005, the company has launched an educational program providing psychological counseling and after-school tutoring for children who are slower-learners or those with emotional or behavioral problems. After a 12-year stint, we are really excited to see this program truly assist those children in motivating them to learn and confiding in their own ability. Thus, no one has dropped out of school all these years. We believe that this program is helpful to a better society in Taiwan.

Lastly, PLANET would like to appreciate all the supports that have been given by all its employees, worldwide distribution partners, suppliers and shareholders. PLANET will continue to be a responsible player in the world by creating sustainable business value, continually strengthening corporate governance and promoting business performance in all aspects, as well as contributing to the future of a better society and a more beautiful Earth.